«Gastronom» – service company, one of the leading suppliers of coffee and tea in the HoReCa segment on the territory of Ukraine.

«Gastronom» is the exclusive distributor of coffee Lavazza, which is the best in Italy; premium German tea Althaus, owner of brands Сarta Verde and ERBE.

We carefully approach the choice of manufacturers and represent only those in whose products we are absolutely certain. The best masters of our business selected each position of our assortment. Regularly we complement our collection with new products and brands, following the changing market trends. We guarantee the high quality of our products, uninterrupted deliveries and a high level of service.

The company «Gastronom» provides a wide range of services for their clients:

  • providing professional coffee and tea equipment, utensils and accessories;
  • free master classes and training programs from experienced specialist of training center;
  • free technical support from qualified technical service managers;
  • marketing support for clients and partners.

Since 2016, «Gastronom» is part the group of companies «Ascania- FMCG ». Today, the structure of «Ascania-FMCG» consists of an importer company, 8 own distribution companies, 5 distant trading teams and more than 50 partners in Ukraine.

The goal of cooperation between «Gastronom» and its partners and clients is to create a joint successful business. In other words, our goal is to make your business profitable and enjoy the possession and management of it!

We are convinced that only such an approach to cooperation can make it mutually beneficial and stable for the long-term period.


  • Wide assortment of goods.
  • Free provision of coffee equipment for using our coffee.
  • Full service maintenance of equipment.
  • Presence of related products.
  • Qualitative and prompt delivery.
  • Registration of all documentation for the product.
  • Marketing and information support.


Restaurants / Bars


You can ask for detailed information about the terms of cooperation, the price list, catalog, by filling in and submitting an application:

You can start the cooperation with “GastroNom” right now, sending the request!

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