Barista`s school

Training center of «Gastronom» – a professional workshop, where a team of professional trainers forms and develops excellent specialists of coffee business. Our training center equipped with professional coffee equipment and is a unique venue for holding cappings, interesting meetings and educational programs.

This is a course for Professionals that includes intensive and practical training in methods of preparing coffee, developing the menu and finding practical ways to improve the quality of customer service. We care about the welfare and prosperity of your business and are ready to support you on the way to perfection!

On the basis of the Training Center “Gastronom”, since 2017, the Barista School “Caffeol Coffee Coach“ has begun the work.

The school provides educational services in all areas of coffee culture for the barista and also for lovers of delicious coffee. The training is carried out by a leading expert (barista) of Ukraine, a multiple participant in international educational programs.

For today, «Caffeol Coffee Coach» is:

  • Education by international standards SCAE.
  • Highly qualified trainers.
  • High-quality coffee equipment.
  • Ability to see and try our test-samples.
  • And just a cozy place.

It`s simple to fall in love with coffee – Barista`s school «Caffeol Coffee Coach».

Modern barista class

A three-day program offers modern scientific approach of studying the technique of espresso preparation and understanding of coffee culture. It will be interesting not only for newcomers, and for those people who want to improve their professional skills. Information blocks combine the following levels: SCAE barista skill Foundation і Intermediate, Sensory skill and give all the necessary information for working in a professional coffee shop.


Home brew class

This is a one-day seminar. During this time you will get basic knowledge about modern coffee culture, taste preferences from different countries, about factors that affect on the taste of coffee in the cup. In addition, you will learn techniques for preparing a delicious cup of coffee at home, with which you will get great pleasure from the drink and in nearest future you could surprise your guests. Most of the time, we will devote coffee-making exercises that you can repeat at home. Quickly and easy!

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