Carta Verde

Carta Verde – own brand of the company. The history of this brand started several years ago. Coffee is produced in Italy – on the full-cycle specialized family enterprise located near Milan. Despite the fact that the history of the enterprise has been started since the 1880s, its production capacities are modern and high technical.


Althaus – a high-quality premium-grade brand. The tea collection includes more than 80 items.

Production and quality control of Althaus tea is made exclusively in Germany on the most up-to-date equipment.


Lavazza – accepted leader in the coffee industry in the world. Companies of «Ascania FMCG» is importers and distributors of coffee “Lavazza” in Ukraine more than 15 years. Today we offer a wide range of coffee of this Italian brand – different degrees of roasting and blends.


ERBE – own brand of the company. ERBE – new tea collection, which combines tea traditions from different countries, advanced trends in the development of the world tea industry and a clear focus on the HoReCa segment.


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