Modern Brewers Сlass у Caffeol Coffee Coach

On August 22-23, 2018, was a regular training of Modern Brewers Class at the Caffeol Coffee Coach Barista School.

Participants learned theoretical and practical information about the factors which influenced on taste of a coffee drink and got practical skills in preparing of delicious filter coffee-cup.

We wish to participants great success in further applying to the acquired skills! We are very excited to meet you again and will waiting for you to the new courses of Caffeol Coffee Coach!

New position from TM Сarta Verde

TM Carta Verde specially for the HoReCa segment has added a new position!

Carta Verde Supremo – composition of selected grains of Brazilian Arabica and Indian Robusta.
The blend has the perfect balance of bright intense aroma and sweet taste with a touch of caramel and hazelnut.

Novelty! New offer Magnifico of TM Carta Verde

TM Carta Verde is filled out of new position, specially for HoReCa segment! Carta Verde Magnifico – is the composition of premium sorts of 100% Arabica from central and south regions of America. Balanced soft taste with fruit sourness notes and chocolates flavor.

Customer Service of “Gastronom” improves the qualifications

On February 1-2, 2018 the customer service specialists of “Gastronom” were trained in training-center “Caffeol Coffee Coach”.

During the training were considered the factors, which impact on taste of coffee drink, ways of coffee roasting. Also were considered different variants of settings of grinding coffee’s quality at practice, his impact on drinks cooking.

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