Gastronom represents a wide range of coffee equipment from leading world manufacturers. Our experts will help you choose the right equipment for you to manage properly of your coffee business.

La Cimbali

For over 90 years, the Italian company La Cimbali specializes only in the creation and improvement of elite class coffee makers.

Today, La Cimbali is the world leader in the production of professional espresso coffee machines. La Cimbali coffee machines are exported to more than 100 countries.

The success of the company is explained by the high quality of the equipment produced, the efficiency of service and significant investments made by the company to support technological leadership in this field.

All La Cimbali products are thoroughly tested before assembly and dispatch from the factory. Electronic parts are designed and refined specifically for use on La Cimbali machines. They have high test results for prolonged use in unfavorable working conditions. The design of machines is designed taking into account the maximum convenience of maintenance. Especially carefully designed design of coffee machines, installed in public places, cafes and restaurants.

Astoria C.M.A.

Italian company Astoria C.M.A. specializes in the production of professional coffee makers and thermal equipment. The products are successfully used in public enterprises of different types: from specialized cafes to elite restaurants. At the moment, the company is a recognized leader in its market segment. The new plant, opened in 2007 in Treviso (Italy), produces about 70,000 units per year!

IIn the production of coffee machines Astoria uses large boilers and excellent components, which provides exceptional reliability and impressive performance. The company seeks to minimize waste of production, streamline work processes and assembly procedures. Due to this, the prices of cars produced are on average lower than those of competitors. In this case, the company’s products have impressive technical and operational characteristics.

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