Home brew class

This is a one-day seminar. During this time you will get basic knowledge about modern coffee culture, taste preferences from different countries, about factors that affect on the taste of coffee in the cup. In addition, you will learn techniques for preparing a delicious cup of coffee at home, with which you will get great pleasure from the drink and in nearest future you could surprise your guests. Most of the time, we will devote coffee-making exercises that you can repeat at home. Quickly and easy!

  • Coffee terminology.
  • The world of green coffee: a diversity of varieties.
  • Methods of coffee processing, which forming a taste.
  • Art of coffee roasting.
  • Fresh of coffee, packaging and its storage.
  • Basic coffee tasting. Aroma, taste, after taste.
  • How to choose the right coffee.
  • Methods of preparing a Brewed coffee (Kalita і Chemex).
  • AeroPress – coffee «syringe».
  • French press – which we know from childhood.
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