Modern barista class

A three-day program offers modern scientific approach of studying the technique of espresso preparation and understanding of coffee culture. It will be interesting not only for newcomers, and for those people who want to improve their professional skills. Information blocks combine the following levels: SCAE barista skill Foundation і Intermediate, Sensory skill and give all the necessary information for working in a professional coffee shop.

Day 1

Understanding of green coffee:

  • History of coffee and coffee culture. First, second and third waves.
  • Coffee as a plant. Biodiversity and distribution.
  • The chemical composition of the coffee.
  • Methods of treatment and influence on taste.
  • Commercial classification. Commercial і Specialty.
  • Cup tasting – analytical rating of coffee. Defects of green coffee.
  • Coffee roasting. Styles and degrees. Defects of roasting. Coffee decontamination.
  • Coffee fresh, perfect packaging and storage.

Sensory analysis of coffee:

  • Purpose and terminology.
  • Physiology of perception of taste and aroma.
  • Aroma and aromatic groups. Work with a set of flavors of «Aroma Map».
  • Basic tastes.
  • Procedure and conditions of conducting Cup Tasting.
  • Tasting and comparative analysis of coffee: Arabica, Robusta, washed, honey, natural. Commercial і Specialty grade.

Day 2

Science and theory of espresso. Modern techniques of preparing. Conception of coffee extraction:

  • Morning warming-up of receptors: work with aroma and taste calibration.
  • Dynamics of preparing espresso.
  • Chemical composition of espresso: soluble and insoluble substances.
  • Aroma, taste, beverage saturation.
  • Main factors of espresso: Coffee mill, machine, barista technique.
  • Professional coffee mill: key factors and critical aspects.
  • Professional machine: device, setup and modern requirements.
  • Barista technique, as main factor of quality.
  • Theory and conception of coffee extraction. Measurement of extraction. TDS, Brew Ratio, Extraction.
  • Refractometry of coffee. Modern standards. Recipe.
  • Water – main element of preparing.
  • Grinder calibration.
  • Chemical composition of milk. Degustation of different kinds.
  • Technique and parameters of preparation of milk foam.

Day 3

Coffee mixology:

  • Morning warming-up of receptors: work with aroma and taste calibration.
  • Traditional coffee drinks.
  • Alcoholic coffee drinks (from classics to moderns).
  • Innovative methods of creating beverages (molecular techniques).
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