Modern Brewers class

The two-day program provides theoretical and practical information about factors which affect on the taste of a coffee drink and professional techniques for preparing a delicious cup of Brewed coffee.

Day 1

Sensory analysis of coffee:

  • Purpose and terminology.
  • Physiology of perception of taste and aroma.
  • Aroma and aromatic groups. Work with a set of flavors of «Aroma Map».
  • Basic tastes.
  • Procedure and conditions of conducting Cup Tasting.
  • Tasting and comparative analysis of coffee: Arabica, Robusta, washed, honey, natural. Commercial і Specialty grade.

Understanding of green coffee:

  • Coffee as a plant. Biodiversity and distribution.
  • The chemical composition of the coffee.
  • Methods of treatment and influence on taste.
  • Commercial classification. Commercial і Specialty.
  • Cup tasting – analytical rating of coffee. Defects of green coffee.
  • Coffee roasting. Styles and degrees. Defects of roasting. Coffee decontamination.
  • Coffee fresh, perfect packaging and storage.

Day 2

Science and the theory of preparing the drink:

  • The historical aspect of studying the Brewed coffee. Coffee brewing control chart.
  • A variety of methods and tastes. Cultural benefits of different countries.
  • Terminology of Brewing.
  • Chemical composition of a coffee drink: soluble and insoluble substances, influence on taste.
  • Dynamics of preparing the Brewed coffee. Wash and diffuse of substances.
  • Variety of preparing methods. Grinding, filters and purity of taste.
  • Conception of coffee extraction. Extraction and taste. Extraction options.
  • Refractometry and Coffee Brewing Control Chart.
  • Pour-over. Variety and methods of preparing.
  • Vacuum coffee maker.
  • Immersion dripper Bonavita.
  • AeroPress.
  • French press.
  • Extraction management. The rule of “3T”.
  • Getting the specified extraction parameters and taste strength.
  • Cooperation with refereeing championships Brewers Cup.
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